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    Classic Cassandra: Valentine's Day Suicide
    11 Feb 2005 The alleged ring-leader of a mass Valentine's Day suicide pact arranged on the internet has been arrested in the US.
    Are suicide rates higher on Valentine's day ? - Yahoo! Answers
    13 Feb 2008 Check out this video of on-set and behind the scenes footage from our Valentine's Day shoot with the Suicide Girls…
    The St. Valentine's Day Suicide Pact on Myspace Music - Free
    7 posts - 7 authors - Last post: 14 Feb 2008 Suicide rates are known to go up during this time of year. "Hallmark and Fannie May all cash in on Valentines Day while making single people
    Suicide and homicide on St. Valentine's Day .
    Valentines Day question: How many people commit suicide on valentines day each year? Can you answer this question?
    The Alt. Suicide .Holiday Valentine's Day Survival Kit
    17 Feb 2010 Added to queue PART 1 of valentines day SUICIDE (;by boricuaXalert91130 views · 5 :33. Add to. Added to queue Ne-yo - She Got her Own [Ft
    Suicide | Thorium Girl
    Kiss of Death Productions presents Classic Cassandra, an exclusive feature for through PULP THRILLERS. Hang around with "the pulp thriller queen" Cassandra
    Crime Time: Murder- suicide marks Valentine's Day in Euless
    16 Feb 2010 K'Lynn Low hinted on her Facebook page about a problem with her boyfriend. On Dec. 30, Low, who identified herself as K'Lynn Tucker,
    Valentine Suicide
    What day has the highest Suicide rate? ChaCha Answer: Valentines Day is the
    Anti Valentine's Day Forums, News, and Articles :: Suicide
    Includes cynical suggestions for reveling in your disdain of the love holiday.
    Korea: Valentine's Day , Suicide and Blogs · Global Voices
    by D Lester - 1990 Suicide and homicide on St. Valentine's Day . Lester D. Richard Stockton State College, Pomona, NJ 08240. PMID: 2293198 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
    BBC NEWS | Americas | Man 'set Valentine suicide pact'
    6 Jun 2010 Could Valentine's Day possibly be the worst day of the year for singles? the male suicide rate three times higher than women each year.
    Man accused of planning mass Valentines Day Suicide on Yahoo Chat
    25 Dec 2010 The suicide rate does not peak on or around Valentine's Day . What countries have the 1st 2nd and 3rd highest suicide rates?
    12 Feb 2005 A US man has been charged with using an internet chat room to try to set up a mass suicide pact for Valentine's Day .
    Police foil Valentine's internet mass suicide | Mail Online
    16 Feb 2009 Valentine's Day this year is regarded as the second IMF. And four people committed suicide on the railroad on that date.
    YouTube - part 2 of valentines day SUICIDE !
    THE VALENTINE'S DAY SUICIDE PARTY: Man accused of trying to set up mass Valentine's Day suicide pact involving 32 women, 5 children, and himself
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